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grape destemmer for wine making weld sho

Grape tumbler, de-stemmer, and crusher   Made especially for you. Order in time for the season! Call Randy (360) 305-4043 for consultation. 

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"The Tumbler is an enhancement to the entire Wine-making experience."

Grape Destemmer and Crusher

"Hand picking the grapes, to ensure only the best reach the mature wine gives you the feel of the exuberance of the crop." 


The Tumbler is a superb addition to the winemaking experience.  There is nothing like watching a fine harvest of grapes tumbling into the hopper.  They proceed into the rollers that are spined and spaced precisely ¼” apart which provides a soft crush to those delicate grapes.  The sealed bearing will ensure smooth operation of the rollers.

Although the Tumbler is used exclusively for grapes, it can accommodate all sizes of wine grapes and also larger juice grapes.  Because it is a manual crank machine, you control the speed of production, and it allows for friends and family to help participate in the process. 

The Tumbler is made with 1/8” thick food grade 316 stainless steel.  The perforated holes in the lower tray allow for separating the stems from the grapes.

The Tumbler can be run by one person, but a small team of 3 to 4  people will provide a rhythm to the theme.  When you are done the clean up is easy, hose down with soap and water.  At a smooth pace, the Destemmer will process 300 lbs an hr.

The grape tumbler, de-stemmer, and crusher is not a production machine.  It is a go at your own pace, feel your grapes, hands-on, enjoy your company, perfect addition to your winemaking production.

Randall Orcutt, Weld Shop Mobile Welding; Bellingham Washington, Creator of the Satellite BBQ & Grill, and the Grape DeStemmer for Wine-Making.  

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