(Grape De-Stemmer pictured above see product on Destemmer page.)  Metal Fabrication is a challenge. Randall Orcutt has had a lifetime of experience as a welder. Randall has an understanding of metals. He is able to read prints and manufacture from simple drawings or sketches.  Remember that "drawing" you and your best friend made on that cocktail napkin.  Randall can help with that.

There are many types of welding jobs that require simple welding techniques and Randy at Weld Shop Mobile Welding is happy to take those types of jobs and do it at your residence or business.


Randall has years of experience working in welding shops here in Whatcom County. He has been a foreman, lead man, responsible for ordering the correct amount of steel for bigger manufacturing jobs. Randall's welding skills are highly sought after in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County for aluminum welding and steel fabrication. 

You don't have to worry about taking the job anywhere. We bring the "welding shop" to your place of business or your residence.


Boat Work Bellingham Harbor
 Custom Steel and aluminum welding 

Do you need custom aluminum or stainless steel welding for your boat?  Weld Shop Mobile Welding has two full-time welders.  Please call for a quote. 

When you want to hire an experienced welder or steel fabricator, let Randy and his team put all of their years of experience to work on your next project.

Do you have an original idea that you would like to explore? Call Randy at (360) 305 4043..